Graphic Design

Recent Work

Currently, I am the head graphic designer, 3d modeler and video editor for an up-and-coming led lighting company. My job consists of creating catalogs, info graphics, installation videos, 3d packaging mock ups, specialization sheets, website sliders, e-com listings, logos, packaging layouts, managing the all of the company’s social media and much, much more. I also produce lighting installation videos using 3d models I created while on-site and Adobe After Effects to publish a video file that is then uploaded to YouTube.

Past Work

When I graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts, I was determined to find a job immediately out of the gate. However in order to do so, I had to apply myself and start freelancing whenever available, accepting small jobs whenever I could to improve my portfolio and skills. Showcased below are some of my past work, from college and previous clients.

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